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Old 06-12-2018, 12:02 PM
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Default Bill Clinton: 'Norms have changed' for what you can do to somebody against their will

On another thread, I chastised a fellow poster for taking comments out of context for partisan purposes and turning what was actually said into a lie in th process. I wanted it clear that I'm not doing that, so I'm posting the real context of what Bill Clinton had to say.

"I think the norms have really changed in terms of, what you can do to somebody against their will, how much you can crowd their space, make them miserable at work," Clinton told PBS Newshour in an interview that aired Thursday.

That's what the man said. Taken alone, without context, his words suggest that there was a time when doing things to a person, sexual in nature was inferred, without their consent was okay. And that's how it's being spun in some news organizations. But, that's not all the man said.

"You don't have to physically assault somebody to make them, you know, uncomfortable at work or at home or in their other -- just walking around. That, I think, is good."

That next sentence makes a BIG difference! It makes it clear that while the clumsy language of the first quote leaves questions as to meaning, that second part is crystal clear. What he's saying that what is recognized as sexual assault these days has changed. The misdeeds that were once if not accepted were ignored are no longer shoved under the rug. They're out there for the world to see and judge.

And he's absolutely right. Not so long ago, what Franken did that got him booted from Congress would have been ignored as just kidding around or such. Some of the other actions of prominent figures that have resulted in people being fired or publicly embarrassed, would have one time been seen as flirting or making a pass. Now, they're viewed as assault.

He was clumsy and that in itself is surprising, Slick Willy is usually way more polished. However, what he said cannot be taken as a stand alone statement. There is a very important clarifying sentence to give context and with that sentence his meaning, his intention is crystal clear.

And that leads me right back to the point I was making on the other thread. If one is truly interested in "the truth" one should relay accurate information, not information that has been trimmed or spun to remove context or bend the meaning.
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